Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend with Mema

I'm blessed to have one super grandma. We are very close and I adore her. She is everything I want to be when I grow older and have grandchildren of my own. (First I need to find Mr. Right, so if you're out there -- call me!) Usually, at some point every weekend I make a point to get to down to see her. She lives about 45 minutes from my house and is always just happy to have people pop in. She had a doctors appointment this past Friday where it was confirmed that she had a stroke in her eye and will no longer be able to see out of it. Thankfully, it was only a stroke in her eye -- so I took it upon myself to cheer her up! She really didn't need too much cheering. I came walking through her kitchen in a hooded sweatshirt and baseball hat...I don't think she was too impressed by looks on Saturday afternoon and gave her a hug and kiss hello. Even with one good eye, she was still crocheting a blanket and telling me about the latest news her brother told her -- his grandaughter Melissa is having a baby girl. Congrats Melissa! We then started to chatter about my brother's wedding -- the gossipy stuff (A and B list), what she should wear, my parents vacation in Houston, a wedding Ihad to go to that Saturday night and why I wasn't starting to get ready 6 hours before it. Then as most grandma's do, she wanted to cook me something. Here is Mema walking into the kitchen and offering to make a sandwich, or have some grapes or eat a piece of apple pie. She is a great cook and she taught me how to make her homemade Pierogies last year (Pierogie Day is pictured above). How come my recipe never tastes like hers? Nevertheless, we had a very fun afternoon and by the time I left she was saying how happy she was I stopped in. These are the types of moments that I've learned to take advantage of. I've already lost two grandparents and have two left and truly appreciate the moments I get to spend with both of them. I'm fortunate, that my grandfather lives in the same town as my grandmother (my parent's were high school sweethearts and their parents never moved out of their hometown). So once I left Mema's house I drove over to my grandfather's house, who I'm also very close with. He was telling me all about my parent's trip to Houston (even though I had spoken with my Mom an hour before) and how he found an article in the paper that he cut out to show my brother. As you can see, I have two wonderful grandparent's in my life. Each of them hold a special place in my heart and bring their own unique joy to our family. Here's to you Mema and Pop-Pop!

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